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neon lights
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Monday, May 31, 2010

last post for MPI104 2010

i have learnt a great deal in this subject, and i think a lot of it will defiantly be helpful now and later on. the first week we explored the uses of google other than a search engine, i discovered all these thing that i had not idea existed, like google docs and reader amongst others, which i find my self using outside the class in my everyday life. it was also revealed how to 'rig' google into finding your web page, by get other pages to link to it using hyperlinks. the next week we had to star our own blog page and make weekly contributions to, and it was the beginning of looking at HTML, i found making a HTML web page in text edit very fun and insightful into how web pages are structured and coded to produce the finished product. doing this also helped greatly when dealing with templates and CSS later on in week 7, as the concept of tags and codes where not new, and i already had a basic understanding of how they worked from previous lessons. it was good to learn about how to alter HTML on pages like my blog using CSS, to individualise my page and add things such as page counters.
i greatly like the idea of the site delicious, and have now got into the habit of bookmarking good webpages i find in delicious. the concept is brilliant especially for those who have multiple computers or have to move between computers and want to keep all there bookmarks in the one place. flickr on the other hand i don't use outside this class as i already have other social networking sites to share my photos on, but I'm shore that it did have its place on the web before networks like myspace and Facebook came along.
learning about FTP and web publishing was probably my favourite thing to learn about, using the program fetch to upload my web page to the uni server. it was interesting to see how to use iWeb and word to create a web page and have it accessible to the world.
RSS feeds where very interesting to discover, and how google reader uses them to give updates on sites without having to load the whole page.
the concept of 'PING'ing was not new to me but was still interesting non the less, learning about pinging IP address was new and interesting
technorati seemed a little pointless to me but i can see why it is used, it is basically a search engine for blogs, but as blogging doesn't hold my attention well neither does this, but it does have its advantages like being all real time information that is being provided in a search, unlike searching google where the information could be years old.

i have enjoyed this class very much and have learnt a lot from it that i will use this information for many years to come.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


it sound like a mix between technology and karate... sort of, not really.
but it does promote my blog on their blogger search engine in the technorati website, which is pretty cool, and sort of strange, as i will be ranked against other peoples blogs, and if i become really really popular i could be number one on their top 100 blogs list.
but i need people to link to my blog page if i want all that to happen.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FTP and web publishing

that cute little puppy of a program is what makes web publishing so easy.
just upload your word files, correctly saved and named, to the server and all of your content is out in the world wide web.
their are a lot of little steps to take if you want to move or make modifications to any file though, and if you put a dot or a dash in the wrong spot somewhere along the way you could be lost forever trying to find out what you did wrong and why all your pretty pictures now all look like question marks. yes that did happen to me once, but i rectified the problem and now my page looks as good as new. check it out right here
i also think its great that the uni allows us to download fetch for free! which i have now done.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

css: your friendley template helper

css, or cascading style sheet is it is more easily pronounced is a very handy thing to use, i don't know why we didn't start out using css instead of text edit i have no idea (well i do know it was to get a better understanding of tags and how HTML is set out.)
but is so much easier to set out a web page starting with a template and editing using css. the brilliance in css is the simplicity, if you change a colour for one heading and all headings with the same description change with it, unlike HTML where each individual heading colour had to be changed.
all aspects of the visual display of the web page can be manipulated, like colour, text size and font, image borders and everything in between. however the actual content of the page such as paragraphs cannot be changed. it is always good to consider accessibility when designing a web page, as a web page developed on HTML, cannot be interpreted to the vision impaired, however when using css template the information can be relaid to them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

major stuff up on my part!

i sent an email to Damian yesterday with a link to my post on summing it up and in the email i stuffed up! i went to put an anchor tag into the email and misspelt it (i put in a herf="..... instead of a href=" ...... or something like that) and now im shore i look like i don't know what the most important tag of all is!
any way their is nothing i can do about it now

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

summing it up

ok so this is summing up what i've done in MPI 104 thus far:
ar, week one two, it seemed like only yesterday that i was oblivious to the vast empire that is google, that i was still sharing my files trough the use of pen and paper, but now i use google doc's in everyday uni life, as a lot of my work is collaborative with my fellow SVPA students. although i haven't used any other tools that google offers since i made my account.
week three saw the introduction of what i found to be the most fun part of the course up until this point, even though it is really useless, as their are a lot easer ways to set a web page than righting out all the HTML tags for it. but i still enjoyed doing it, righting codes makes me feel like a hacker or something.
i also started my blog on blogger, i know that i only have five posts BUT, they are rater long and if you read this post you will discover why the are so few and far between, but my most interesting post has to be my looooooooooooooooong day because i'm still living it right now!
i have moved around my template on blogger and have added a few special features, such as my slide show, and my subtle tribute to harry potter. i have also mixed around the text and colouring of my blog.
i have commented on a few peoples posts but the only real interesting/funny one is this one
weeks four and five saw the arrival of del.icio.us and flickr, both of which i find of no real use to me at the moment, however delicious my come in handy in the future. at the moment i have nine pages bookmarked on delicious, three of my favourites have to be smart mouths twilight source and mugglenet, because they all have podcasts that go with them (all by the same people), and i love listening to podcasts on my ipod.
flickr i dont realy find useful because i already have Facebook, but non the less i keep it up to date with my nineteen photos and one interesting video, a few intersting photos are here and here.
i think that sums everything up.
have a great day.

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